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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use




handiBooking logo Image of the homepage of the website

handiBooking is a platform specializing in booking accommodation suitable for people with disabilities.

The site lists the institutions that have received one or more labels “Tourism & Handicaps” in France or other similar foreign labels. Eventually the site wants to be a gateway to the world and the web for all those in search of accessible solutions.

The site is free for users; handiBooking is remunerated by commission on bookings with particular hosts. Disability is “multiple” and everyone's affair, which is why we have chosen to donate a portion of our sales to third parties specialists in their field.

Carrer Piquer nº 29, Baixos 1 - 08004 Barcelona Tel +34 93 470 51 18, Fax +34 93 371 76 49 -