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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Gladdermailchen (a baking book for all)



Gladdermailchen Logo Images of the Gladdermailchen

Dany Jacoby-Bausch has created a baking recipe book everyone can work with, children and adults with special needs, young children as well as elderly people and even people who can't read… because of the easiness of use

In fact it's not a book, it's a binder and each recipe can be taken out which allows to concentrate on a single recipe which avoids distraction.

This binder has a coloured layout e.g. the chapter for muffins is turquoise, cakes is orange, etc Each recipe has a list of the ingredients a material needed to realize it and which are illustrated by pictographs.

The book is written in 3 different languages and each languages has a colour of its own: Luxembourgish=green, German=blue, French=red. The recipes are written in short sentences to encourage people to read.

A simple way to learn to bake with only 4 different coloured measuring cups - User requirements: not need to know numbers, how to read, how to weigh.

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