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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

“Parks of Sintra Welcome Better”: Trophy 2016

Parques de Sintra Monte da Lua, S.A


Logo of Parques de Sintra Monte da Lua Various images of services

The company Parques de Sintra Monte da Lua is currently implementing the “Parks of Sintra Welcome Better” project, which aims to improve access to the parks and palaces under the company’s management and serve as a good example of accessible tourism and equal access to natural and built heritage by providing access to a greater diversity of visitors, especially in relation to:

– mobility – physical access: including new equipment and physical adaptations to spaces;

– quality of services provided;

– changes in communication platforms and methods.

This project, involving overall investment in the region of €2 million, 25% co-financed by Turismo de Portugal, took as its point of departure the research on the current state of global practices and to this end drawing on various national associations of relevance to this theme, in particular ACAPO (the Portuguese Association of the Blind and the Partially Sighted), APS (the Portuguese Association of the Deaf) and the Salvador Association, with a protocol signed with each entity.

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