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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use


Rakuzen LLC


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"RAKUZEN'' (The comfortable table ware) is a collection of table wares manufactured by the joint project of the traditional craftsmen of the Fukushima Aizu lacquer ware, and an industrial designer together with a NPO corporation which supports persons with disabilities. Its practical design is friendly for everyone.

Consists of:

- Rakuzen Bowl: is designed for easy to hold. Anyone can hold it easily and nicely by putting fingers in the ditch on the bottom part. It is easy to use and fascinating shape.

- Rakuzen Plate: A wooden vessel is usable as both a tray for serving meals as well as a plate. The specially designed shape gives a firm grip and an easiness of holding. Also the concave shape gives an easiness of scooping with a spoon.

- Rakuzen Chopsticks: It is the Japan chopsticks (lacquer ware) with the vivid fresh colorings and the materials that harmonize with the natural flavors of ingredients. The original chopsticks bag made with linen and Japanese pattern cloth is performed by the disabled in the facilities in Fukushima.

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