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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Kolormondo, the colour tool

Kolormondo AB


Logo Koloromdo Kolormondo image

Kolormondo, the colour tool, presents the world of colour in a 3D globe. The user can see what a colour consists of, what is its complementary, how colours relate to each other etc. It is immediate and intuitive, used by beginners and professionals, people matching colours at home, designers in fashion, interiors and graphics and as a tool in colour training, from kindergartens to universities. Understanding colour is no longer a secret for the selected few.

Kolormondo is useful:

- to enable and increase understanding about colour and colour relations

- to communicate colour

- to identify a particular hue

- to see what colours are good matches

- to develop and inspire artists and creativity

- to inspire when choosing colours

- as a teaching aid

- as a beautiful object of decoration

- as a tricky jig saw puzzle

There is also a Kolormondo app, free of charge in App Store and Google Play, and Kolormondo is a patented, price awarded Swedish design innovation.

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