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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use


photoAlquimia S.L.


Logo photoAlquimia S.L. Images of Titobowl

Titobowl is a vessel, designed by photoAlquimia and is part of the collection NATURA IMITATIS, specially designed for tasting different varieties and dressings olives with pit, although it has been adapted for tasting pitted olives and other snacks.

Consists of two pieces: The ceramic bowl is used to contain olives and are two variants of the color, depending on the liking for green or black olives. Inside the other piece in olive wood, we can throw the olive pits, by opening the top cap of the container. If we are tasting pitted olives and other snacks, turning the top cap of the container, it becomes a toothpick holder.

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