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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use


photoAlquimia S.L.


Logo photoAlquimia S.L. Ajorí image

Ajorí is a creative solution, designed by photoAlquimia and is part of the collection NATURA IMITATIS, for organize and store seasonings, spices and various culinary condiments, inspired by the elegant form of the bulb of garlic. Created only with natural materials and using a mixture of industrial and artisanal processes, Ajorí is an eco-friendly product, respectful of our planet.

The inspiration to develop this object, according to its designers, comes from the observation of the natural element “We observed, peeled and cut several bulbs of purple garlic. We were impressed by the elegance of its lines defining each piece, the peculiar texture of its skin, and diversity of forms. In front of our eyes appeared a set of containers arranged on a tray, around a stem or handle. Considering the diversity of options in design that we wanted to propose, this one showed with total clarity, the functionality that we were looking for: a cruet in a form of garlic”.

This kitchen accessory holds six containers, designed to contain different products used for the seasoning of several dishes, adapting to the different culinary traditions of each country.

Its elegant organic design, make it a sculptural piece, resulting of an excellent ornament to reflect and a conversation starter around a table, not to mention that by its garlic shape, it can be an excellent protector of our home or business against bad vibrations.

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