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Good Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Model for the design and evaluation of accessible spaces and participatory methodology with users, for the easy understanding of buildings and environments

Berta Brusilovsky Filer


Logo Accesibilidad Cognitiva Cover publication

This model for designing accessible spaces, cognitive spectrum, developed by Berta Brusilovsky Filer, develops the principles and components of organization and design of best practices of accessible space and measurement difficulties of cognitive accessibility in buildings and environments.

Takes into account the diversity of features of cognitive spectrum: people with intellectual, cognitive disabilities, elderly, people with difficulties in spatial orientation.

Improvement of the quality of life: the autonomy of persons and their inclusion through a greater and better orientation and performance in all areas of public and private use.

Through the application of the model space becomes a support system that benefits all people, facilitating their mobility, orientation and autonomy people are no longer subject to the dictatorship of the spatial structures and the excess of signalling with written texts.

The potential is enormous since it is a model and a methodology for the design of good practices of accessible spaces that is expanding in a space of accessibility: the cognitive, where there are no existing or developing standards.

Creation of a system of support for cognitive accessibility. This system is based on the spatial organisation: order, continuity, contiguity, separation and zoning. The references of signals and easy reading as complements of the organization.

Through the project (model and methodology) the barriers of difficulties are demolished to understand environments and built spaces, letting them be guiding and easy to be understood, used and enjoyed. Always with the participation of users.

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