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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use


photoAlquimia S.L.


Logo of photoAlquimia Picture of Soytun

Soytun is a ceramic piece designed by photoAlquimia for the increasingly common tasting of the various forms of presentation of raw fish such as sashimi, sushi, tartar... etc. This design serves to contain soy sauce, also has a place for spicy mustard (wasabi) and finally has a part to let chopsticks when they are not used.

For its manufacture, we use enamelled stoneware, attached to a painstaking craft production. In the area of the base, each Soytun is signed and numbered by hand.

The packaging design is inspired by the ancient cardboard boxes of natural history museums, which in Victorian times were used to contain the zoological and botanical specimens collected in the various scientific expeditions. The gift box is made entirely of recycled cardboard, making it a singular example of eco-packaging, fully respectful with the environment.

Soytun is the third project for a line of eco-design functional, called "NATURA IMITATIS", from the Latin, imitating nature. For its particular design is an elegant sculptural piece when is not used, or an element that generates at the table a reflection on the logic of its form and function.

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