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Good Practice 2015
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Logo of Trígonos People of all ages and children interacting with Trígonos

At Trígonos, we conceive, produce and market educational toys made of wood addressed to the personal growth of every child.

The Trígonos project started 3 years ago in an attempt to provide schools and families alike with a large-scale construction game made of wooden bars and cubes and various pieces of fabric.

We believe Trígonos fullfils aspects such as creativity, learning and facing challenges.

At first sight it may simply appear as a game to create structures but its potential really goes much further: by playing with 1, 2 and 3-dimension shapes kids can learn basic notions of geometry, mathematics and physics on their own.

While the kid is thrilled with joining sticks and blocks to create structures which can become cabins, labyrinths, shelters, bridges, shops and much more, he or she keeps learning concepts such as proportions, distances, volumes, angles, on top of fostering cooperation among them when playing in group. Trígonos is a game which guarantees unlimited fun as it allows children to build their own reality while imagining it.

The mere fact of building a little house to play with friends entails learning capabilities which will be useful to them throughout their lives such as the capacity to concentrate and a methodical way of thinking without jeopardising their creativity.

The youngest ones may begin by putting some blocks together and create geometric or sculptural combinations (this strengthens hand-eye coordination) and, little afterwards, they will start role playing with structures to hide in, place their dolls or favourite objects inside and will interact with other children inside and outside such structures.

The older ones will think the way to overcome more complex construction challenges: try and fulfil the idea they had previously planned. Practically without noticing, they will start using various geometric shapes, they will triangulate and combine all pieces at hand without having to remember any previously memorized formula. Once they finish, they will disassemble everything to face the next challenge.

Trígonos is enjoyed both by children aged 4 and those aged 10… and much older. Trígonos is a life-long game!.

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