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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

ColorADD: A social responsible solution that enablescolorblind to identify colors: Special Mention 2015

Miguel Neiva e Associados - Design Gráfico, Lda


Logo of ColorADD Code ColorADD

ColorADD is a universal graphic code whose mission is to enable the colorblind to identify colors. It supports the social integration of persons with color vision deficiency. Social Problem: Colorblindness is estimated to affect 10% of the male and 0,5% of the female population, 350 million people worldwide! Such limitation derives in social and professional constrain. Despite this impressive number, there were no socially effective responses aiming to the inclusion of this "large minority" population, because there is a lack of general knowledge regarding the issue of color blindness, and the constraints of those who live every day with this limitation. The ColorADD code allows integration while keeps the privacy of colorblind - including without discriminating and without costs for them.

Solution: The ColorADD code is unique, universal, inclusive and non-discriminative, within a wide infinite spectrum of applications on companies/entities, allowing colorblind to identify colors. The ColorADD code is based upon three monochromatic symbols representing the primary colours. Through the acquired knowledge of the “Color Addition Theory” taught in the early scholar years, the symbols can be related and the entire color palette graphically identified.“Symbols that include Colors” becomes “a mental game”, easy to memorize and apply in daily situations.

The project was born for all and without exclusivity to any company or entity. The strategy is based on creating value for stakeholders and society in general, working in co-creation with numerous companies or entities, through the use of the code in their products and communications. The main objective is to spread the ColorADD Code around the world and to benefit as many colorblind as possible, improving their daily life quality and therefore achieving more social impact, awareness and scalability.

ColorADD is already implemented in several areas such as Clothing, Textiles and Shoes (labeling), Pencils, Textbooks Publishers, Transports (Subway maps), City Administration (e.g. Maps, Accessibility), Health (Accessibility and pharmaceutical labeling), Food Retails (Traffic light nutrition label), Photoluminescent Safety Signs, Didactic Games, Solid Waste Industry, General Industry (Catalogs), Information Technology (APP, Color WEB Picker) among others, achieving expertise through strong co-creation partnerships and creating replicable clusters fundamental to deploy the code at global scale.

ColorADD creates added economic and social value to companies or entities, by offering their customers an innovative product with a strong social footprint.

The scalability of ColorADD code is huge. The code is universal because it is a simple language that can be understood and implemented cross-sector around the world.

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