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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Dreams Academy Kas: Special Mention 2015

AYDER (Alternative Life Association)


Logo AYDER Picture-Dreams Academy Kas

Dreams Academy Kas is a village academy providing education, practice and community services by using alternative, innovative and sustainable methods to all individuals and groups with the main focus being people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people who are exposed to social exclusion for whatever reason. It is a sub project of AYDER (Alternative Life Association).

The project has started in June 2013 with the restoration and construction work of the old elementary school in Cukurbag Village, Kas, Antalya. It is a 70-year-old building and it has been idle for the last 30 years. After the restoration of the main school building, the main area of the building has been turned into a big library. The old classrooms has been transformed into a main office/reception, a music & dance room equipped with several instruments, a computer room equipped with laptops for e-learning and several classes and workshops, a meeting room and a kitchenette. The additional building has been restarted to become a dormitory to accommodate 30 people well adjusted for all disability types. A kitchen building, a dormitory for volunteers, a music house aimed to be at a professional studio level and warehouse has been built. In the total 13-hectare area there are various sports areas for beach volleyball, table tennis, archery and an open-air stage for stage performances. There is an additional 3500 SQM field with a farmhouse where ecologic products are being produced for the academy. In addition, the academy has a boat in the Kas Marina served at giving boat tours and diving trials for people with disabilities.

There are four main concepts within the academy in Kas:

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