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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

A look for you

LesZIGS, Le design en partage


Logo of LesZIGS Image/Model which blind people can sense and understand

Project developed to LesZIGS for a French association that has as purpose to help blind and weak sighted people to dress accompanying them in shops to find the right clothes for them. It has put in place a volunteer guide book which helps them in their mission looking for clothes. Before hand each association member fills in a questionnaire in order to target more efficiently their request (need).

To optimise this support and better its member’s autonomy whereas to dressing up (buying clothes, choice, cleaning...), at this association we offer a design service: we conceive and offer custom made co-conception workshops. During those workshops we have put in place work stages and tools to integrate the users in the creation process.

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