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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

People Olympics for Healthy and Active Living!

ESoCE-NET, European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network


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People Olympics: 10.000s strong teams competing for their city wellbeing, fun and social transformation!.

People Olympics is a social game, based on competing cities. Each city has a team of 10.000 participants, which reflects that city demographics. The Team tracks its physical activity through portable devices, which measure diverse physiological data. A system collects all data and updates the real time cumulative activities at city level. It also compares it with the value of the other competing cities.

People Olympics is a disruptive approach, conceived by Roberto Santoro, President of ESoCE-Net, for societal change at large, with the objective of focusing collective intelligence to the Joint Intent of addressing today Societal Challenges.

The First Edition of the People Olympics games will take place in 2016, the same year of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Each team is constituted by 10.000 people, reflecting the demographics of its City.

Live trials by a core group of “Very Smart Cities” have started in 2014 with the objective of validating the games rules and the supporting ICT infrastructure. Each trial involves at least 100 people.

Ramp up pilots and early competition will be conducted during 2015 by all the cities wishing to participate to the People Olympics games. Each pilot will involve at least 1.000 people.

The emergence of unprecedented Societal Challenges for the Humanity, as it is the case for health, demographic change and wellbeing, calls for a new extraordinary participation of the People in the Innovation process. New multidisciplinary approaches, at the confluence of design, technology and life sciences, are being established to enable Social Innovations, which are not only good for society but also enhance society capacity to act.

For the first time Humanity is getting old and the level of physical activity is decreasing this put an unsustainable financial stress on our health care systems.

People Olympics offers to members of the team the chance to indeed drive innovation and solve wellness and health problems which go beyond individual sphere and that move to a societal global level. Indeed the objective would be to raise the average physical activity of city population. Once that “measurable result” is achieved, the wellbeing of all and each one person will raise as a consequence.

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