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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Your meal counts

Bau Design College of Barcelona (Laia Carrillo)


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In Barcelona, in total there are 17 social diners where food is provided. A budget of 10 millions of euros is supposed to cover the basic need for food of all the people that lack economical resources. Therefore, the initiatives of both individuals and private entities are necessary. The project of “Your meal counts”, proposal by Laia Carrillo student of BAU is to create a service, based on the citizen’s action, to provide a daily dish of food.

The way of function is simple: collect of a tupperware, cook, fill it up, and donate it. The exchange of the tupperware would take place in special reception points (where the rations would be distributed), and when you give a meal, you will get another empty tupperware to restart the process. To make the whole process easier, there would be a mobile application to provide technical support. Furthermore, every user will get points in every contribution, so after reaching a figure, they will have a discount on some duty or tax of the city.

The main purpose is, through a simple system; establish a self-regulated alternative by the citizens themselves to reduce hunger in their city. It is an act of volunteering, but at the same time coordinated and with the support of the public bodies.


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