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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Creative Space Lab

L’Universal Design Organisation (L’UDO)


Logo of L'UDO Logo of Creative Space Lab

Universal Design Organization (UDO) specializes in the design of living space concepts accessible to everyone. Ludovic HENNION, founder of The UDO, consultant and expert in quality use, applies the approach of universal design to the development of all types of living spaces.

He created the concept Creative Space Lab, a collaborative and creative laboratory to assist in the realization of development projects in real time.

This group of experts offers a broad range of innovative decision making tools that assist clients to think out of the box and see themselves within their future environment and to maximize its use.

The originality lies in an immersive user experience: by stepping into the Plan, the user will get a feel for the space, understand and be able to live within itin real time.To understand whether the plan fits, it is essential to feel, sense and experience a life-size replica that one can physically move in.The usermay thus obtain a 2D plan and experience what it feels like to be on the "inside", test different options, and share and validate choices in real time.

Once the total size andtype of modular construction is determined, the approach is to continue the immersive experience using an augmented reality application that applies 3D objects and provides a 360° virtual tour developed by two experts, Loïc Beauvillain and Agnes de Lavarde. Users will be able to experience their future interior design and decoration, choosing from various objects, furniture, moods, colors and materials.

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