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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

“Beautiful & Wild”

Bau Design College of Barcelona (Isabel Pacho)


Logo of Bau Design College of Barcelona Picture of handbags

“Beautiful & Wild”, proposal by Isabel Pacho student of BAU, is presented as an implementation of certain values that combine technological development and respect for the environment where we live. Values which democratize the most iconic luxury accessories and ensure the perfect biological cycle of the wastes, in a society that doesn't want to stop buying, neither throwing away.

Our solution involves creating a platform to share patterns and techniques, investigating biodegradable materials that are perfectly resistant, giving the soil organic matter and seeds at the end of the object lifetime, while committing to the local raw material obtainment and the handcrafted production with low power consumption. Creativity, cooperation and adaptation to the environment is essential for human survival.

We applied this concept in a range of handbags, classic and luxury-brand models, whose patterns have been openly shared through Internet to gain popularity among all classes via ‘open source’. The ‘eco’ remake is a metaphor to understand how an organic handbag manufactured with the highest ‘savoir faire’, may be the improved and more exclusive version of the classic luxury leather bag (sometimes not so inoffensive or sustainable furs).

Regarding the production, the aim is to be shared with people from different geographical locations to develop simultaneously and collaboratively the same pattern, employed under the same premise and made from autochthonous materials from each place, resulting in a distinctive handbags collection, exclusive ecohandmade edition, promoting fair economy and free artistic expression in different places of the world.

It's time to make the sustainability and ethical production, the ‘raison d'etre’ of fashion.

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