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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

The Pillman

Bau Design College of Barcelona (Paula Carbonell)


Logo of Bau Design College of Barcelona Kit of Pillman

The object of The Pillman, proposal by Paula Carbonell student of BAU, is a medical kit with different containers and medicines organized into an enjoyable “superhero” pack, as well as a comic that helps a child with adrenoleukodystrophy to tell his own "superhero" story.

The proposal is based on the idea of turning self-medication into an enjoyable experience through the design of the medical kit, the containers and their visual image. The pills and the bottle of Lorenzo’s oil (a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids) are converted into objects not to be ashamed of, but rather into desirable ones; the comic allows this “superhero” child to share his story with his classmates when, for example, they are on a school trip together

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