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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Regional Anticipation Competences for SMEs (RACS)

Laurea University of Applied Sciences


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Regional Anticipation Competences for SMEs i.e. RACS is a project in 2011-2014 focusing on developing foresight methods and activities applicable for small and medium size enterprises from different sectors in specific regions in Uusimaa county.

The key actors in the project were three upper secondary education institutes, i.e. Omnia, Luksia and Keuda together with Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The business branches involved the project are wellbeing sector, sustainable business development, technology industry and start ups and other micro enterprises.

In the first phase in 2011 the framework for the regional future watch was created and in 2012 the consortium and networks for practical work were collected and selected foresight tools piloted in several future forums for different business focus groups. In 2013 the future circus forums were arranged for all the four business branches. The first future circus in January 2013 focused on future data collection tools, the second future circus on future data analysis and synthesis tools in April 2013 and the third future circus in September 2013 focused on future alternative scenarios and their use in the strategic decision making process of the companies.

Furthermore, the education sessions on futures research and foresight methods for the SMEs and their coaches from the education institutes were arranged during the autumn 2013 according to the future circuses content and agenda. Based on these education workshops, the regional pilot groups was selected as test beds for the foresight process and it´s tools in winter/spring 2014.

Finally, these pilot experiences formed the basis for the future tool box, which were designed for SMEs and tested in joint concept design workshop in August 2014. The results were completed during the autumn 2014 and published in closing seminar in November 2014. In 2015 the dissemination and implementation of the results will be completed.

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