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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies


Bau Design College of Barcelona (Arantxa Gisbert)


Logo of Arantxa Gisbert and Bau Design College of Barcelona Picture of Tamashi

Tamashi is much more than just a doll. It is a project, performed by Arantxa Gisbert student of BAU, to help all those who unfortunately suffer from fibromyalgia and are not even able to hug their own children. This work is dedicated to all of them.

In Japanese culture it is believed that all objects have a soul. So Tamashi (“soul” in Japanese) is an extension of the mother’s soul. Whenever she cannot hug her child, she can embrace Tamashi as a substitute.

Tamashi is a stuffed toy that they can customize together to strengthen the maternal bond. It will also be a travel companion that will give protection and security. This project also includes a guide on fibromyalgia written by a person suffering from this disease, so that anyone who reads it can know what living in constant agony is, as well as an instruction manual explaining the project and an example of the way the toy can be used.

The packaging has a special feature too, which is that the flaps of the box represent the doll’s arms and legs so that the box also hugs the doll.

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