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Good Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Flamenco Sign

Avanti Avanti Studio


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The Festival Ciutat Flamenco 2014 campaign has been developed since an experiencing process that creates the connexions between the artistic expression of the hands in the Flamenco art and the signs which some hard of hearing people use to communicate.

In the edition “Ciutat Flamenco 2014”, Avanti-Avanti Studio proposed to its organizers, Taller de Músics and Mercat de les Flors, to design the festival communication in a more inclusive and accessible way, created “Flamenco Sign”. The first flamenco glossary for sign language.

In the case of Ciutat Flamenco the main objective was bringing flamenco to new audiences, show the creative possibilities of resources and accessibility codes and make Flamenco a setting for creation and meeting for people with diverse sensory and physical skills.

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