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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use




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Disismore is a project of Social Entrepreneurship, supported by the Founder Institute, by the Foundation Ship2B and by the IESE Business School (Center for Business in Society).

Disismore's mission is adding value to the hiring processes of disabled people to generate a social impact via the labor inclusion of disabled people.

Business Description

Disismore is a Professional Network providing an innovative, efficient and effective social recruiting solution for hiring companies looking for disabled candidates, by promoting easier accessibility and higher visibility to their talent.

Value proposition

Companies are interested to look for disabled candidates: to recruit the talent they need; to reduce their labor costs by taking advantage of public economic incentives; to promote Corporate Social Responsibility programs; to comply with law of compulsory hiring (European regulatory model).

But Hiring Companies require more efficient and effective processes and tools for searching and recruiting disable candidates.


disismore is a professional network for disabled people, focusing on their “recommended talent” (skills & attitudes): in “disismore”, hiring companies can promote job opportunities, look and search for disabled candidates having the required and “endorsed” skills and attitudes, and match profiles with their organizational needs. Hiring companies can also easily connect with “professional of labor inclusion and supported employment” to be advised and supported during the selection process and during the company induction of the new hired.

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