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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Sensovery sensitive technologies for accessibility



Logo of Sensovery Photo Secret Touch

The Sensovery project is the development of a range of 4 products based on the Sensovery tactile technology, which makes disabled people able to better access the urban life.

- Sensoring*: a Tactile Switch sticked inside the shop window, it is actionable from the outside. Beneficiaries : 1. the shop owner : It is installed without work. 2. the visually impaired and disabled people become able to ring simply by touching the shop window;

- Sensolight**: a Tactile Switch for highlighting some areas in a shop from outside the shop. Same Benefices as for Sensoring. This solution gives better comfort to users and helps the shop owner to reduce energy consumption;

- Sensolight exists in an hidden version, Secret Touch*** : a Tactile Switch to be placed under a table, a cooking work surface or inside a bedside table, to pilot the lighting with smooth touch ( hand, elbow or the arm);

- Urbitouch**** is an hard & soft solution that make people with cognitive disability or visually impair able to perceive and to navigate through the visual contents of a commercial offer.

The origin of the Tactile Switches range made by Sensovery is related to the life experience of the project team. A researcher in social interaction, a universal designer, and a computer scientist have been observing the real situations of use that people have with technology and the strong correlation between the simplicity of use and accessibility.

Sensovery's Tactile Switches range is the result of two years developpement, done with one club of elders, and disabled people, to act differently and to improve the accessibility of urban spaces. The project started from the revelation of the needs of beneficiaries and is developped based on appropriation (embodiment) by the people themselves.

Five Conditions of success for the Sensovery project:

Condition 1. Beneficiaries

Condition 2. Territory

Condition 3. Business model

Condition 4. Governance

Condition 5. Visibility

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