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Best Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Etxegoki: Trophy 2015

Federación Coordinadora de Personas con Discapacidad Física de Bizkaia (FEKOOR)


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Etxegoki is a facility with 32 assisted apartments for persons with physical disabilities that is managed by the Coordinating Federation for Persons with Physical and Organic Disabilities of Bizkaia, (Basque Country, Spain) or FEKOOR, which combines social and technological innovation to create a support system which promotes independent living.

Since its inception in 2011, Fekoor has given Etxegoki a global and transversal approach, creating the conditions for universal accessibility, equal opportunities, participation, inclusion and non-discrimination for persons with disabilities.

This facility is a result of the joint work with the Bizkaia Regional Government, which is funding the project, and it was jointly created by the members of Fekoor. The residents of Etxegoki with functional diversity help to ensure that the apartments are run properly.

The concept of “participatory design” has played a significant role in the general design and management of the “Etxegoki” assisted apartments, with the persons with functional diversity being involved themselves. The joint design activities, group sessions and other techniques have been essential methodological tools to facilitate involvement in the cross-participatory design, which is the backbone of the entire project.

The philosophy of this 34-resident community is that each person, with their functional diversity, has the support systems that they need to carry out their life project and make their own life decisions, respecting their decision-making and independence.

The management model of the Etxegoki assisted apartments is based on encouraging independent lifestyles through the development of a system based on personalised support and environments that promote community participation, to enable the residents to obtain a higher degree of control over how they manage their own lives, through individual support plans.

Furthermore, the facility’s intervention model is based on the social transformation partnership project by FEKOOR, the managing body, promoting its Mission, Vision and Values and interacting positively with society as a whole so that persons with functional diversity occupy their rightful place in society as part of their basic rights and obligations, promoting conditions for universal accessibility, design for all and equal opportunities and allowing them to enjoy freedom of choice, equality, participation and full citizenship.

From this perspective, the ethical use of technology combined with flexible and personalised human support are the keys to the success of this facility, aimed at achieving the social activation of people to boost their community participation and quality of life.

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