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Best Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Luxembourg National Library

WW+ Architektur + management sàrl in collaboration with Bolles + Wilson GmbH & Co. KG


Luxembourg National Library logo Pictures of Linda Blatzek and Christian Richters of the project

The Luxembourg National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg - BnL) which opened the doors of its new building in October 2019 is the largest patrimonial, scientific and research library of Luxembourg. It hosts around 1.8 million physical documents, 20.000 audio-visuals documents and more than 640.000 eBooks.

The architectural competition with the aim to build a new public library of a larger spatial concept with access for all was won by the german architectural office Bolles+Wilson in 2013. In collaboration with WW+ architektur + management, a new library was built in consideration of a variety of different functions.

With the offer of publications being available in different languages, for groups of various interest and age, the diversity of users is enhanced. The public zones are following a barrier-free concept in order to make the large offer of the library as accessible as possible for people living with special needs or disabilities. The access of the library and creation of a member card are free of charge.

The building, which comprises a gross floor area of 38.200 square meters, is structured into three spatial zones. The first one is the welcoming entrance zone with its two-storey reception area, bordered by the conference room floor. The intermediary zone accommodates the consultation decks, which are opening towards the outside via a glass façade. The third zone is the ‘Storehouse – Acropolis’ comprises five storage levels and is hosting the heritage collections and archives of the library, above which the main reading room is located on level +3. It generously opens out to the treetops of the Grunewald Park. The connection to the city’s public transport network is excellent by having its own tram stop in front of the building.

Pictures of Linda Blatzek and Christian Richters of the project

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