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Best Practice 2017
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Way finding information disseminated by Organisations Receiving Public



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Mobiped is a French Sustainable Mobility Designed for All consultancy, which has worked for 80 clients from 16 nationalities. Among its services, Mobiped assists organizations receiving public in defining and creating the content of their webpage “Practical information, access maps, visit us”. The creation are customized to mobility habits of their publics and the graphic chart of the organizations. Then, Mobiped advices them to highlight the contents on the other means of communication.

Creations could be a single multimodal map or a dynamic online interface with details for each means of transportation or specific information for handicap situations. The most advanced output is a dynamic web interface for the Paris’ Museum "Home of Victor Hugo", which is historically a Design for All Museum.

As expert in sustainable mobility for All, Mobiped fully integrates Design for All values as respect of human diversity, safety, health, ecology and sustainability. Other criteria as functionality, ease understanding, appeal and affordability are continuously improved, and many improvements are identified. 

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