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Best Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Vilamuseu Network of Museums and Monuments of Villajoyosa

Vila Joiosa City Council


Logo of Vilamuseu and Villajoyosa Different photos of the activities

Vilamuseu is the new city Museum of Villajoyosa, one of the most monumental cities in the Valencian Community. The main facility opened gates on November 2016, and all its museography, services and cultural offer are entirely designed following the principles of Design for All. In the Museology Plan, Design for All is a strategic transversal axis: it can’t be waived; nothing can be done without it. So, they do not ‘adapt’, but design everything for all.

Texts in several languages (at least Spanish, Valencian, English and Spanish sign language; 35 urban panels include also Norwegian, French and German); easy-to-read texts and augmentative communication pictograms (ARASAAC) in every exhibition and every urban or museum panel since 2017; accessible typography, furniture, displays, wayfinding, toilets, lockers, 3000-kg lift to move big groups, website, printed publicity, audio-visual resources, captioning, magnetic loops, lactation room, waiting room and resting points, numerous tactile pieces (both original and models), the 3D collection (which makes the museum visually accessible for the whole world) or specialized guides are only some of Vilamuseu’s inclusive resources.

Vilamuseu’s director and museologist, Antonio Espinosa and Carmina Bonmatí, coordinated the most complete manual about the subject in Spanish, the Manual de accesibilidad e inclusión en museos y lugares del patrimonio cultural y natural, edited by Editorial Trea in 2013. It’s based on Vilamuseu’s wide experience in Museological design for all since 1996.

Vilamuseu’s also the interpretive centre of 9 heritage routes in the municipal territory, most of them accessible, equipped with more than 60 inclusive interpretive panels; and 3 accessible museums and permanent exhibitions: Vilamuseu itself, as a parent museum; the Barbera dels Aragonés Manor House and the Bou Ferrer Shipwreck’s permanent exhibition at the Marina of Villajoyosa. Also, the accessible Valencian Museum of Chocolate, owned by the Chocolates Valor Factory, is directed by Vilamuseu by agreement with the Villajoyosa City Council.

Also, in the valorisation of important monuments and archaeological sites such as the Iberian and Roman sanctuary of the Malladeta, The Roman funerary tower of Sant Josep (2nd c. AD) or the cultural park of the Medieval Castle (14th-19th c.) we took very much into account those inclusive criteria. The Bou Ferrer Roman shipwreck is visited by sport divers since 2013, including disabled ones.

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