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Best Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Development of the tourist value chain of the Baños de Agua Santa canton through Accessible Tourism Network Ecuador

Red de Turismo Accesible – Ecuador (REDTAEC)


Logo of REDTAEC Different photos of the activities

This project has the purpose of creating spaces, products and services for tourist in the city of Baños de Agua Santa-Ecuador with focus on the universal access. The project has involved all the actors of the city's tourism value chain.

Initially, all service providers are made aware of the importance of creating spaces and services for people with disabilities, such as the right of this social group to equality, freedom of mobility, free recreation and inclusion. In order to improve the quality of life of this sector of the population.

After, the service providers have been made aware. It is necessary to create architecturally appropriate spaces for people with disabilities; especially for people who have physical or sensorial disability. REDTAEC advises the establishments to convert them into architecturally accessible places.

The next step in the value chain is training the staff of the tourism sector in customer service with disabilities, strengthening their capacities for an effective response according to the type of disability (visual, physical, auditory, mental, multi-disability). Because if a place is totally accessible with respect to its infrastructure and space, but does not have trained professionals, it is possible that there are accessibility and communication problems.

Finally, it creates and promotes trips for people with disabilities, with the guarantee that the places that customers visit are: accessible architecturally, in communication and with a high standard of quality and safety. The products offered are: extreme sports for people with disabilities, ecotourism, thermal baths and cultural tourism. The project also involves community development because the trips include the visit to a local rural community, which reflects the successful management of Sustainable Tourism.

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