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Best Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Cityapp and iBeacon

City of Luxembourg


Logo of City of Luxembourg images of the app

This project has been developed to provide helpful information to the users of cityapp of Luxembourg city which can be downloaded on smartphones. Progressively bus stops are equipped with iBeacons sending a specific signal. The cityapp will then decode this signal and provide the user with information about bus timetables and which bus comes next. This project has been tested successfully with blind people who value this technology. The project however benefits all users. Currently 200 iBeacons are installed on the territory. This number will gradually increase.

Specific informations are sent to the smartphone through the iBeacon technology. In this way a very diverse audience can receive information about buses and bus timetables. The user will receive the information via text message. If the voice over is activated on the smartphone, the user will receive the information in the form of a voice message.

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