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Best Practice 2017
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Glass-beads making products

National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled (NRCD) Nepal


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Nepal is one of the least developing countries in south Asian region. The number of person with disabilities (PWDs) is three million. Most of the PWDs in Nepal are extremely poor, illiterate, unskilled, and ignorant of their rights and socio-economically deprived from any opportunity. They have remained economically inactive-unproductive and are considered a burden to the family, society and to the nation. They face sheer discrimination in every aspect of their life, depend upon their family members and are neglected by the society. They often face limited range of training and employment opportunities. They are deprived of their social status and are less confident in themselves. They are forced to lead a miserable life. As a consequence, they are treated as a second-class citizen of the state. This is the everyday reality of PWDs in Nepal.

National poverty severely limits the government’s ability to support the case of the PWDs. There are no such remarkable programs to address the problems faced by the PWDs. If they are provided-with equal opportunities of creating-employment through skills-training, income-generation and independent-living skills through enterprise development, most of the PWDs can lead a dignified life with social-respect. Such activities will go a long way to ensure job placement and economic rehabilitation to them. Hence, to make the PWDs self-reliant through income-generation activity, develop their vocational capability, create self-employment opportunity and make them economically self-dependent such type of glass-beads making products are very much necessary in the context of Nepal.

There are lots of rational choosing behind this project coordinated by National Rehabilitation Centre of the Disabled (NRCD) Nepal. The consumption of glass-beads is getting large throughout the year. The chance of influencing the market through this product is very strong. There is no option of glass-beads product to use at rural, town and city areas especially for women, girls and youth ladies. The market is hundred percent assured. Most of the PWDs and their parents who were involved in this project earlier have been employed as a regular staff and can earn above 15,000 Nepalese Rupee (about 166 €) in a month. They don’t have any problem to sell their end-products. The demands of glass-beads products are increasing day-by-day.

In this respect, the product has a good scope to make the PWDs self-dependent, develop their vocational capability and create self-employment opportunity in the society. The product helps improve their economical status and leave a chain effect of entrepreneurial activities among the most backward sections of society in the context of Nepal.

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