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Best Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Mímisbrunnr Climate Park 2469 in Jotunheimen, Norway: Trophy 2017

Oppland County Council


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In 2013 the project came up to enable access to the Climate park Mímisbrunnr at the border of national park Jotunheimen, to most people as possible without discrimination of any kind. By setting up a walkway from the Juvass Hut to the ice tunel in the glacier Juvfonne, a stretch of 700 m, the project could open up a area of high national and international interest with regard to climate and culture heritage issues and introduce a low-treshold profile accessibility infrastructure based on universal design. Today the climate park Mímisbrunnr has been established as a climate demonstration and research area and receives attention for its user-friendliness and nature-adaptiveness.

The open and universal construction of a gateway to a frozen past and new insight about nature and human behavior would not have been possible if the project was not designed with a local development perspective and involvement of local expertise and enthusiasts, in strong cooperation with key actors, allowing an innovative idea and project framework to evolve and produce tangible and valuable results. The project demonstrates that accessibility and universal design is not about being a strong-muscled municipality with a lot of resources. Perhaps more importantly, is bringing the project idea itself to fruition by letting it be led by good intention, a degree of originality and strong values. Compensating in that way for the lack of resources, the project found its attractiveness by others in its universal solution and therefore hopefully the park can find a sustainable future, balancing it on conditions of accessibility, finances and limits of the environment.

Oppland County has the formal responsibility for protecting, preserving, and presenting these findings.

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