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Best Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Inland region universal designed by 2025 - from vision to strategy: Special mention 2017

Cooperation between the regional county councils of Oppland and Hedmark


Logos of Oppland and Hedmark Publication cover

The strategy document has set as a goal to deliver and promote a connection between common spaces, from buildings and neighborhoods, to centre functions, communications modes and tourism.

This involves research of possibilities and challenges as part of the communication technology development. Mobilization and involvement of the broad community towards a Universal designed Inland in 2025, is set in place. The strategy of Universal designed Inland is a more than a vision. It has become an attractive approach and force of working, a unifying framework for many sector keypartners and an effective potential to explore and shape conditions for further accessibility of the Inland-Norway.

In order to promote a more accessible inland-region the project development goal was increased community participation through the better accessibility and participation to several community sector areas for most people, no matter the personal ability to participate, improving quality of life. 

The project objective was increased competence in universal design both in the counties, municipalities and in the business sector of the Inland.

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