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Best Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Accessibility to religious heritage in five temples in the Historic Center of the city of Puebla, Mexico: Trophy 2017

Re Genera Espacio and @ 0.0 Arquitectos


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The project of accessibility to the religious heritage in five temples of the Historic Center of Puebla Mexico is the first real initiative in an old sector that allows to efficiently access to the buildings of religious type (centuries XVI to XIX) without any obstacle for any person, without mattering their mobility codes, since before the intervention the buildings presented a series of elements that obstructed the free transit (steps, unevenness, gates) and many people preferred not to enter and even chose to stay at home.

The team Re Genera Espacio was invited by the City of Puebla Mexico and the Government of Santiago de Chile to propose as a first initiative the socialization of the theme Accessibility with the custodians of the churches, a subject not treated by priests and nuns and even by the users themselves, as a second stage through analysis and diagnosis, the needs of each temple were investigated on an urban and architectural scale both by observation as well as by the direct contact with users and custodians, which allowed us to know more closely how to propose the developments of each element as well as modify some of the raised ramps.

The results surpassed expectations due to the increase in the number of users due to the improvement in the quality of access to real estate for the elderly, with wheelchairs, with strollers, with cane and the group assistance of nursing homes and hospital patients.

The potential of this project is that public spaces or religious venues in this case, can be recognized by those users of decades ago, as well as by the rest of the population and tourists.

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