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Best Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Travolta Suite Astoria7: Special mention 2017

Hotel Astoria7


Logo Hotel Astoria7 Picture of room

The goal of Hotel Astoria7: to create the best possible room for wheel chair users.

To try to avoid the risks between the bed, the toilet and the shower, was designed a room where the bed, the toilet and shower are linked with a ceiling hoist thorough as sliding door.

They consider six major challenges, considering that all major services should be controlled by all the client’s wheelchair users and those who cannot use their hands; everyone should be able to control:

Access doors

Alarm and telephone

Bed, lights, blinds and Tv.

Transfer: celling Hoist-Automatic Door-Shower, must be controlled by any one

The Hotel Astoria7 have brought the most innovative assistive technology where is not to supposed to be, in a fancy and sexy room!

Carrer Piquer nº 29, Baixos 1 - 08004 Barcelona Tel +34 93 470 51 18, Fax +34 93 371 76 49 -