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Best Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Immersive Modeling: Special mention 2016

Wosomtech / Creative Space Lab


Logo Creative Space Lab Image of visual experience

Wosomtech under the brand Creative Space Lab, develops applications Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for the benefit of the user experience.

2D plans are difficult to read and understand. In an amusing and simple fashion, Wosomtech offers clients in 3D real time, an opportunity to visualize a remodeled bathroom, from design to purchase.

In cooperation with the national home improvements network, Leroy Merlin, we have created a newin-store retail experience that fluidifies customer experience while going beyond technological barriers.


- Develop playful and collaborative plans for a remodeled bathroom.

- Design and visualize your own project in 3D without any computer knowledge.

- To provide an application that is reassuring to the client and to be able to imagine the future space.

- To improve the quality of use, by considering the ergonomics of the space and taking in to account the diversity of its user.

- To test a range of configurations in order to retain only the optimal application version.

- To avoid planning errors.


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