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Best Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Concept of barrier-free environment in the historic center of Kuldiga: Trophy 2016

Baltic Architecture Center


Logo of Baltic Architecture Center Advertising banner of conference-workshops-discussions 2015

The project, directed by Baltic Architecture Center, is aimed at promoting the principles of Universal Design and accessible environment for cultural heritage objects in Kuldiga historical center also for people with functional disabilities of vision, hearing, movement and mental disorders. During conferences, workshops - municipalities, professionals and disabled people have been discussing topics of heritage conservation, development along with universal design and environmental accessibility to create a unique concept.

Different tasks has been developed to achieve the following objectives:

- To promote the universal design and barrier-free environment in Kuldiga.

- To gather all the stakeholders involved and interested in the topic.

- To share the good practise examples from other countries.

- To create a unique concept of barrier-free environment in Kuldiga.

As a result the managers of Kuldiga were interested in dealing with issues of environmental accessibility for people with disabilities – locals and tourists.

Consequently, thanks to this quality solution, the historic center of Kuldiga will become one of the friendliest historical cities of Europe for the people with disabilities.

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