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Best Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Milvus&Lanius senior residences JongMëtt Lënster à Junglinster: Special mention 2016

Administration Communale de Junglinster


Logo of Administration Communale de Junglinster and JongMëtt Lënster Virtual images of the residences

This project being part of the new village centre "JongMëtt Lënster" (Junglinster), Milvus&Lanius residences are perfectly fitted for seniors as well as for people with disabilities or with reduced mobility.

All has been planned according to the principles of the charter "design for all". Furthermore, it's going to be a meeting place for all people, regardless of their reduced mobility. They will have the opportunity to rent a flat and equip them with their own furnitures. All paths can be passed in a wheel chair and the corridors have been designed in order to help all people get to their own flats designed according to the "design for all" standards. By the way, flats are equipped with bathrooms and kitchens especially designed for the targeted people.

Each of the 37 flats are rented in order to keep alive the target initially set for this project: get living space for seniors and people with disabilities or reduced mobility. With this system, it is guaranteed that only targeted people can enjoy this offer so that the project does not end in commercial selling business.

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