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Best Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

4 educational products of Signes de sens: Trophy 2016

Signes de Sens


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Signes de sens has created these four educational projects to encourage learning in children with hearing impairments and to help parents and educators to communicate with them.

- "Mimic stories" is a collection of DVD-Books to learn how to tell stories through mime. With this book collection, the child appropriates his body as a tool of communication and building its relationship to language and oral communication.

- "Say it in sign language" is a card games with 100 cards to discover sign language playfully with friends or family.

- "At first sight" is a multimedia collection of books for children based on a totally innovative visual pedagogy (cartoon, illustration, mime, sign language ... ) which help children to learn about culture and makes them to know more.

- "Once up on a time...." is a DVD-Book on tale characters and stories for children to learn to tell stories through mime.

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