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Best Practice 2014
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Habitat for all: Trophy 2015



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Habitat for all is a regional collective study on adapted collective housing (or HRA, for “habitat regroupé adapté”) is intended to be participative and cross-disciplinary, so as to best identify the needs of our territory and jointly design the best adapted solutions, developed by Autonom‘lab.

More than twenty different regional bodies took part in the study, including local authorities, establishments, social landlords, home care services (SAD), home nursing care services (SSIAD) as well as students from six universities (IAE, ENSIL, IRFSS, IESF, GRESCO, CERES). Together, they worked to produce a “set of operating specifications” for collective housing adapted to everybody, including the most vulnerable people.

This living-lab approach of the subject made it possible to analyse the offer in terms of values and uses as highlighted and defined by the “user working group”.

Five values were defined:

A home can be characterised by its uses –living, meeting, using and participating– which in turn can be associated with services. Six broad categories of services have been defined:

These services cannot be developed without digital technology. More than a mere physical adaptation of the premises, digital technology provides pooling of services, coordination of players, a social link, improved personal security, etc. Adapted collective housing has everything to gain by being connected, but this only makes sense if the solutions are well designed, taking into account the use of the premises and the values of its users.

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