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Design for All is design tailored to human diversity

Design for All is the intervention into environments, products and services which aims to ensure that anyone, including future generations, regardless of age, gender, capacities or cultural background, can participate in social, economic, cultural and leisure activities with equal opportunities.

Design for All/Universal Design should be implemented in all areas because the human beings are diverse and everyone has the wish, the need and the right of being independent and choosing the own life style without facing physical and social barriers.

Image representing design for all

El Disseny per a Tothom, Design for All, Universal Design, Inclusive Design, Conception Universelle, Design d'utenza ampliata and other similar concepts come from diverse origins but along the time have been converging to the common goals described in the Global Commitment towards a Society for All.

Design for All criteria

Strategies to develop a product or service for All

Design for All not always allows solving all needs with a single solution that fits everyone. One of these seven strategies should be chosen:

  1. To Everyone
    A single solution suitable for all potential users.

  2. Automatic door
  3. Adjustable
    A single product that meets the different dimensional or functional requirement of people by means of devices or mechanisms.
    Office Chair
  4. Products or services range
    A range of products and services among which the person choose the one best fits.
    Shelf with Shoes
  5. Compatible with commonly used accessories
    Adaptations or not marginalizing alternative solutions can be provided to guarantee the compatibility with accessories that a person must wear or use.
  6. Premises/Product & complementary service
    Not always it will be possible to meet the needs of users only via a product, a complementary service will then be necessary.
    Buggy in the airport
  7. Use an alternative solution to the mainly used offering similar benefits
    Sometimes the characteristics of some individuals prevent them from using products or services in the usual way. A non discriminating alternative offering equivalent results is then advisable.
    Alternative entry
  8. Customized product or service
    As is the case for most services provided by liberal professionals such as doctors or lawyers.
    Image of an athlete

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