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If you can’t or you don’t wish to be member you can also contribute by other means:


The Foundation devote many resources to dissemination tools and events around the world.

You can support any of our initiatives (Awards Ceremony, Newsletter, seminars, etc.) linking your corporate image to them.

If you are interested you can send us an e-mail writing sponsorship in the subject line and we will contact you.

Become volunteer

One of the best ways to be engaged is working with us in our offices or on line.

By doing it you would experience and learn about our way of doing.

You can also consider proposing us to make an internship with us.

Just send us the form and we will contact you to agree how to do it.


Your money will be transformed in actions.

We need your financial support!

Help us to achieve a more equitable and respectful society by means of Design for All.

You can donate in an easy and safe way by these means:

*Check the donation tax benefits in your country. We issue donation certificates

What do you achieve with your donation?

Other ways

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